Initial Research

Essential Question:

How does a country meet the challenges created by a large and growing population?

Two countries or regions that could be used to answer the essential question
1.India- population-1,219,187,000
2.China-population- 1,359,243,000
India's anual growth rate-7.4%

Focus Question 1

What are the challenges created by a large population?

*they have shortages of food
*very crowded on the streets and everywhere
*not enough jobs for everyone
*The greatest number of hungry people are in china
*Having children is a great expense and its a lot of money.

Focus Question 2

How does a population effect how much food and water there is for everyone?

*china has greatest number of hungry people in the world
*there isn't enough food to feed all of China's people
*India has a very small access to clean water
*they dont have enough farmers farming to feed all of population

Focus Question 3

What are some solutions to the problems that occur from a large population?

Solution to growing population: have a 1 child policy
Solution to crowded streets: they make buses, trains, and subways
solution to having enough energy: three gorges dam

Focus Question 4

What do people do to make money in China?
*Out of all of China's land only one-tenth of the land is fit for farming. Even though this is a huge inconvience, China is still the leading producer of tobacco, rice,corn and soybeans out of any other country. So most of the people are farmers.




The population is too large
You could create the 1 child policy.
Not enough food
zero population growth
Not enough jobs
Not enough clean energy
Three gorges dam
China is ranked number 1 in population
Decrease birth rate
India ranked number 2 in population
Dedrease birth rate