Initial Research

Essential Question: How does Migration affect a countries future and the people who live there?

Two countries or regions that could be used to answer the essential question
1. America
2. India

Focus Question 1: What causes people to migrate?

Notes: People usually migrate for three main reasons. One reason is Economic Migration. This is when people move from one place to another for Jobs or different career paths and choices. Another reason is Political Migration. This is when people migrate to get away from bad things like bad government or war. A third reason to migrate is Social Migration. This is when people move to be closer to friends or family, like someone named Jean-Paul moving from America to France to live by his family. People do economic migration sometimes when another country's econamy is booming. This happened in the 1920s when thousands of Mexicans came to the U.S. when the econamy was booming. Many also left when the Great Depression happened.

Focus Question 2: How does immigration affect a country?

Notes: Immigration is not always good for a country. Too many people is bad because ther will suffer from overpopulation and not enough supplies and nessesities for the people. The people will lose money and it will be just like china. People could slowly die from starvation. Immigration also brings diseses in to countries. These diseses cause the countries current citizens to get sick and die. This is why people used to be checked Ellis Island. If someone brings a disease over to another country, it kills many people because people in the new place's immune systems are not used to fighting the new diseases. This happened when colonists came to the new world and the indians died of European diseases.

Focus Question 3: What are some good things about migration?

Notes: Immigration creates cultural change as well as economic change. It introduces new foods, new ideas, and new political ideas. It also introduces new economic way to make money, and increases the population, which will increase profit from tax dollars.




Loss of necessities
More tax dollars for necessities
Too much for tax
Either buy cheaper necessities or charge more for goods
Without a green card, People lose scholorships and can get arrested
Make people pay takes to immigrate
Without a green card, people lose scholorships and can get arrested
Legalize undocumented immigrants
USA citizens support green cards, and oppose immigrants
Have a high power citizen talk about the plusses of immigrants
Workers move across boarders without documented papers
Have a high security system to not allow this to happen.
Immigration brings sicknesses
Medical checks when the immigrants come into the country

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