Initial Research

Essential Question: what causes extreme weather and how do people deal with it?

Two countries or regions that could be used to answer the essential question
1. Hawi
2. the Carribbean
Focus Question 1
how does extreme weather effect people?

  • Extreme weather effects people because the winds or the force of the storm destroys homes and rips off roofs on houses.
  • Also extreme weather effects people because they have no idea of whats about too happened or what will happened to the people in the caribbean.
  • Extreme weather also effects people because the storms can take a number of lives away from multiple families or just one family.

Focus Question 2

how can you prepare for extreme weather?

  • People try to prepare for these extemes weathers because they dont know or can tell when a storm will occur.
  • Also its hard for the people of the caribhbean to prepare because the people who studies weather cant exactly tell when a storm will hit so the people in the bahamas or venezuela
cant be that prepared for the storm that approches them.
  • you can be prepared fo extreme weather by taking cover and nailing stuff down or just waiting the storm to go by.

Focus Question 3

how does extreme weather occur?

  • Extreme weather occurs when storms gather in the ocean and start to form a tropical disterbence.
  • Then as more storms gather togther it forms into a tropical depression.
  • As time goes on more clouds will then create a tropical storm thenit becomes a tropical cyclone.
  • Also in just one day a hurricane releases 500,000 atomic bombs.




hurricane Emily had winds up to
45 to 50 miles per hour
to get to higher grounds and bring things
that you need to survive through the hurricane